Technical Colleges


With a technical college education, you are a perfect fit for our industry! We’re actively looking for crew members that have a passion for building our future infrastructure and making a difference in the communities they live and work. If you are looking to make an impact that will last for generations, join our team!

Technical College areas of study that we are actively recruiting for are:

  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Utility Technician
  • Welder
  • Construction Management

University internships


Mears Group internships allow college or graduate-level students to hold a temporary position within the organization, with emphasis on training and gathering practical experience in the energy and construction industry. A Mears Group Intern will gain hands-on experience performing a variety of roles with learning opportunities designed to help evolve your capabilities, challenge your strengths and reach your fullest potential.



  • On the job training with real word experience and learning opportunities
  • Mentorship and coaching
  • Opportunity to build professional network
  • Ability to learn new skills and utilize knowledge to positively impact the business

A successful internship could be the
launchpad for your career, Apply Today!


It gave me an insight on an industry that I did not know anything about. I think I gained a lot of knowledge especially from being in the field. I definitely have a better idea of what is happening on a day to day basis.

Luis, HDD Intern, Louisiana State University

I had a great experience and would recommend (the internship) to anyone who is looking to get into the industrial side of construction.

Joseph, HDD Intern, Texas State University

I’ve gotten so much experience over the past 2 summers and believe it has helped better prepare me for the business world.

Amber, Accounting & Finance Intern, University of Texas at Austin

The ability to work under a supervisor that held a position similar to a career path that I wish to pursue (was beneficial). My supervisor made the internship as much a learning experience as a job.

Carter, Project Management Intern, Sam Houston State University

During my summer internship, the staff at Mears Group and people guiding me were very helpful. They extended their valuable guidance and help whenever required for the projects which I worked on. I am very thankful to my manager and my mentor for their invaluable guidance and advice during my Summer Internship. Overall, the development team made my stay at Mears Group an enjoyable one and I am grateful to them for making it so.

Chris, IT Intern, Rice University

My knowledge of the construction industry has increased through the internship based on discussion, meetings, interaction and engagement with the people within the company. These include presidents, vice presidents, managers, administrators, workers and drillers.

Kelvin, Engineering Intern, Arizona State University

I found the flexibility of the internship itself to be very beneficial in the sense that it gave rise to many opportunities not found, or even heard of, in other internships. The number of people I have had the opportunity to work with/for and the different jobsites I have been able to visit are just two examples of this.

Karyssa, Safety Intern, Sam Houston State University

Mears is a great platform to work for and learn at the same time. The company is a close-knit organization and hence gives the interns a wholesome idea of the overall job rather than specific fields of work, which is very much required in the initial stage with the industry.

Shay, Pipeline Integrity Intern, Michigan State University

I was taught a lot and the experience helped me to get to know how an office runs and to get to see all of the aspects of a business.

Amber, Accounting & Finance Intern, Cy-Fair High School

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Studies show that the odds of a college player going pro are less than 1%. Discipline, work ethic, communication and teamwork are just a few of the skills that student athletes bring to an organization. At Mears Group, we provide opportunities for former student athletes to put their education to work in a team environment with opportunities for lifelong careers with unlimited potential.

High School SkillsUSA


Mears Group is proud to support SkillsUSA and their efforts to bring education and visibility to the skilled trades. We strive to develop partnerships with organizations to build and create a pipeline for our future workforce. Partnering with high schools and other industry organizations provides us opportunity to participate in Skills Challenges, mentor and provide employment opportunities to these outstanding students.

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